Our Booth at Jackalope 2023!

Our Booth at Jackalope 2023!


We attended our 3rd art festival with Jackalope in November 2023!

I love watching my artists grow their confidence when they see how the public receives their work. For this year's festival, we learned as much as we could about staging products and making a space inviting so that our booth could look like an eclectic boutique.

I want people to see what I see when I look at my artist's work: absolute magic worthy of being in mainstream markets.

We're one heck of a team! Thank you to Linda & Nicholas for helping me set up our booth, thank you to Andrew for helping me manage the booth, and thank you to all of my artists who showed up that weekend! The adventure continues 🙂

Our table was filled to the brim with treasure boxes, buttons, pins, & sticker packs!

From left to right: Eva Tresierras, Ricky Tresierras, Christian Tresierras & Nick Akeson having fun at the festival!

Picture 2: Founder Gabriella Guzman and James Takhar

From left to right: Nick Akeson holding his first poster illustration & Chilton Moralls visiting the art festival!

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