- Is NOVEL a registered vendor with the Self Determination Program:

Yes! We accept California Self Determination participants & private pay clients.

- Is NOVEL a registered vendor for California Regional Centers:

No, we are not a regional center vendor at this time.

- Are you onboarded with any FMS institutions:

Yes! We are onboarded with Mains'l, Cambrian, and Aveeana Health Care

- Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! We're currently accepting clients for our WOW Factor Product Mentorship & our Best Booth Forward Mentorship

- What is the tuition cost for each of your programs?

The WOW Factor! Product Mentorship is a 6 month program at a cost of $650 per month, for a total investment of $5100.

The Best Booth Forward Mentorship is a 12 month program at a cost of $1200 per month, for a total investment of $14,400.

Our 1:1 three year mentorship simulating the life of a working illustrator is both the most transformative and intensive mentorship program we offer:

Tuition is $1800 per month and includes:

  • 4 hours per week of private sessions with our highly qualified Illustration mentors.
  • Personalized assignments geared towards professional development in Illustration, Portraiture, Home Decor, Children's Book work, & more!
  • 10 hours of Product Design time for each client per month.
  • Up to $100 of supplies or gear for each client per month.
  • Product Manufacturing (book binding, sticker making, packaging, etc)
  • Advertising & Shipping of your products!

- Where are you located?

We have no physical location as of yet, but we serve the Southern California areas of: Pasadena, Los Angeles, Arcadia, Monrovia, and Alhambra. We come to our client's homes for in person classes and host classes online!