here's what you'll learn:

Find your magical artist identity

- You'll learn how to turn your lived experience into a story that will infuse your products with magic & purpose!

- Discover what turns an object into a treasure that people NEED to have!

- Unlock your personal product mission that will match you with customers who'll resonate with your brand!

Illustrative Sketching for Sticker Packs

- Use everyday objects as inspiration for creative sketches!

- Learn how to create quirky characters, props, & scenes for a fun sticker pack!

- Discover the many ways you can use your sticker drawings to elevate your brand!

create with your heart. design for your customer!

- Learn how to design a product for your customers that feels authentic to you & meets their needs!

- Learn how to manage custom orders when your customers want something unique for them!

Manufacturing made easy

- You'll learn about our favorite manufacturing brands for things like sticker sheets, pins, mugs, & more!

- Learn about the different components that go into a finished product: Packaging, Labels, Stuffing Inserts, & more!


- Let's create a mini-brand that will make your products POP! We'll design a logo, pick your brand colors, & find a font that makes your whole vision come together. You'll even get some fancy new business cards!

- You'll learn how to craft a short artist statement that will connect with customers!

Product Photography THAT SPARKLES

- Learn how to take quality photos of your finished product!

- Discover photo editing apps with tips & tricks to make your photos really shine


- Learn how to market your product in a way that makes customers excited to invest!

- Decide how you'll sell your new product: at Art Festivals, in a simple Online Shop, on Social Media, or In person!

- You'll get our how-to guides on Answering Customer Questions, Launch Week Tips & Tricks, & Helpful Next Steps personalized for your unique journey.