oh, the art festival!

Working as an art festival vendor is a popular way to make money as an artist!

Festivals provide you with an opportunity to sell your work, gain confidence, & find new customers.

While festivals can be exciting, they can also be unpredictable: sometimes you'll make lots of money with a big crowd buying your products, & sometimes you'll have a slow day with an empty cash box.

here's the thing a lot of artists don't know:

Art markets don't have to be unpredictable!

With a little planning & a lot of heart, you can work turn any art market into an opportunity that will grow your business!

Believe it or not, you CAN increase your chances of success at an art festival so that you get the outcomes you want, every single time!

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  • design your perfect art fair booth!

    - Discover your art festival persona and learn what makes a successful booth with our Art Festival Detective Guide!

    - Create a festival banner for your booth!

    - Learn how to display your products in a way that captivates your audience, makes your art shine, and brings in a bustling crowd!

  • create fabulous festival products!

    - Create a product that will resonate with customers walking by your booth

    - Learn how to tailor your festival products based on the art festival's crowd so you can maximize your chances of success!

    - Design a mini-brand for your products that will make them POP!

  • booth management skills for success

    - Learn how to manage orders on a card reader and handle cash!

    - Learn how to talk to your customers about your products & what to do when your booth needs a bigger crowd.

    - Booth Blunders: Learn how to get back on track if something unexpected happens!

Not sure which course to take first?

We strongly recommend taking "The WOW Factor! Product Mentorship" before enrolling in "Best Booth Forward" to ensure that you have fabulous products ready for an art festival!